As a member of our Reference Program, you will have the opportunity to participate in various activities that best showcase your KACE experience. Sign up now and tell us how our products have improved the way you do business!

Dell KACE Reference Opportunities:

KACE Konnect

Join our exclusive KACE Konnect VIP customer portal and participate in fun challenges that give you points and badges for doing what you're already doinglearning and talking about KACE! Becoming a KACE Konnect member gives you exclusive access to early releases, training opportunities, beta participation and more. Earn points and unlock badges with each challenge you compete in, and redeem your points for amazing rewards like appliance health checks, 1:1 time with a trainer of your choice, and cool KACE swag!

KACE Studies

We love to hear real life stories about how our customers are using Dell KACE Appliances, and there's no better way to tell yours than by participating in a KACE study. Published on and, these success stories provide information about your organization, the challenges it faced, and the benefits that KACE Appliances have delivered. The only prerequisite is that your appliance be deployed for at least six months in order to have measurable ROI results for inclusion in the story. 

Peer-to-Peer Conversations

There's no better validation than word of mouth! Primarily used by our sales team, participating as a peer-to-peer reference gives you the opportunity to chat with potential Dell KACE customers who would like to hear first-hand about the benefits of using a KACE Appliance. We will match you with potential customers who are in the same industry or have similar challenges and goals, and would like to have a quick phone call to discuss your experiences with KACE. 

Media and Analyst Activities

Media writers and industry analysts love to hear how our technology helps solve real world challenges and are often looking to speak with customers. If you are interested in potentially speaking with media and/or analysts for upcoming stories and reports, let us know! We will reach out to any relevant opportunities and help ensure these interviews positively showcase your organization. 

Customer Testimonials

For those customers who just purchased the KACE Appliance or are not able to participate in a full case study or other reference activities, you can still be a reference and it's easy! We often use testimonial quotes in marketing collateral and on our website to showcase why a customer selected Dell KACE and/or how it's benefiting their organization. We help draft a quote for you to review and send via email for approval. Voila!